This artwork is part of a series of five paintings that is called Cybernetic Musings. In these series I explore recent developments into the cyberspace.

The title of this work refers to an old annotation that medieval cartographers made upon unexplored territories “Here be dragons” and also refers to one of my own works where I explored the planetary time-space.

Recent evolutions into the information technology have created many new opportunities but have also incorporated many old pitfalls. While the newly created cyberspace has still many unexplored venues, the biggest challenges aren’t caused by dragons but by rats or rat related behavior.

Cyber-rats manifest similar behavior as their physical counterparts: they’re running rat-races, spread viruses, parasite on the works of others, … the list is not complete, but it’s enough of a hint to start your own reflection about the new window that you opened to your house and working place. Cyber security is bigger business than pest control.

5 thoughts on “Here be Rats …

    1. As I mentioned in my post Big Santa, there are no free lunches in life: there is always someone footing the bill. That counts also for the “free” internet platforms or social media where the advertisers and marketers are footing the bills.

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