This undertaking is a multidisciplinary project bringing together music, visual arts, literature, and science, centering them around a vision that has been developed in the manifest “The All is an Egg”. The manifest is mainly an adjusted continuation of a vision Salvador Dali laid out in his Mystical Manifesto, that was a hybrid combination of nuclear physics and Catholic doctrine.

“The All is an Egg” is an essay that rests upon an attempt to offer a unifying metaphysical frame for the fragmented human knowledge. The concept is founded upon the idea of how the cyclical nature of a multitude of phenomena mirrors circulatory biological patterns.

Connecting art, science, and religion, with the metaphor of the egg foisted onto it, is a transformative work, and a profound invitation to reflect.

From there an artistic approach emerged, inspired by Frank Zappa’s Project/Object concept for his work in various mediums. Each of the displayed projects (in whatever realm) are part of a larger object, that is defined as mystic cyclical synthetism. As such, the art show is multifaceted in its effort to bring forward a new perspective upon the nature and significance of human civilization.

Most of the visual works rest between figuration and abstraction, coherence and disintegration, and organic and technological forms. They combine dream-like imagery to create surreal, liminal landscapes, trying to explore the affinity between the scientific and the artistic praxis. Very often they contain autobiographical elements that illustrate the artistically becoming of this exposition.

The Lady in Red and her Cryptomathician (painting) in Wonderland (London 2016).
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The theme of the opera that forms part of this project, revolves around a comparison between the cyclic nature of human civilization and that of our solar system. The music is derived from a sonorization of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the main celestial bodies that form our solar system. These chaotic sounds were then processed through a synclavier in order to produce some melodies that make sense to the human ear. In these compositions, every sound has a value, and every action is part of the universal diapason, a colossal vibration that makes energy rather than reflecting it.

The cover of this album is named after the theme that inspired this art show (A Cosmology of Civilization). It restyles much of the themes and subjects that have been developed by Salvador Dali in some of his lesser-known creations.

A Cosmology of Civilization. Mixed technics on canvas 100 x 80 cm by Shaharee Vyaas (2021).
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The literary facet of this art project wants to illustrate the multicultural aspect of civilization as a phenomenon by placing the tale of Mahabharata in a more contemporary context.

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I had to conclude that no artist is an island, and that most artists just pick up a thread where other artists had to drop it. It is humbling to consider that most of what we do, has very often already been done before, and that our proud “inspirations” are just updated art history.


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