The featuring image is part of a series where I let my mind wander about different subjects and then distillate them in a series of paintings that is called “Cybernetic Musings”.

This post concerns itself with the impact neurological implants may have upon civilization. It is my opinion that this near-future development will start as a beneficially one, to help people with disabilities to link protheses with their neurological system or to connect the brain to access all kinds of computer systems which would greatly enlarge our perceptual scope.

The only downfall that I perceive here is that people may just lose their ability to learn new skills by relying on just another upgrade of their implants. It has the potential to create a massive dependency upon the available information technology where the technology isn’t any longer a prolongation of the human but the human becomes a prolongation of the cyberspace. This trend can already be perceived in the massive dependency upon their smartphones and (free?) internet platforms that some people have developed. Where not so long ago people who commute by public transport used to read their newspapers and discuss its content with fellow commuters, they’re right now reduced to some scrolling likers or brainless Ping-Pong gamers.

Knowing human nature, it will not take too long before some military/corporate/political masterminds will start to ponder how those implants can be used as a weapon. As ways to control population behavior or to enforce some kind of assimilation that is in line with the doctrine that the ruling class wants to propagate. It would also add a complete different dimension to the definition of a cyberwar.

11 thoughts on “The Connected Mind

  1. Dear Shaharee Vyaas,

    Hello! I very much enjoyed perusing your well-written post entitled “The Connected Mind”. Thank you.

    Like you, I have entertained some highly plausible dystopian scenarios with significant risks for the future of humanity. I recall mentioning to you one month ago that I have endeavoured to give a very good inkling of the kind of society that humans might be heading towards in my post entitled “Facing the Noise & Music: Playgrounds for Biophobic Citizens“, published at

    As you can discover in the said post, there will be plenty of far-reaching ramifications in multiple domains of human life, some of which are irreversible. The post takes the perspective of sociology, philosophical anthropology and cultural history with respect to artificialization, biophobia, brain reprogramming, entertainment, escapism, hedonism, human augmentation, memory transplant, post-humanity, posthuman, simulacra, socialization, technophilic, teen age, and transhuman.

    I welcome your input there and am curious to know what you make of my said post.

    Happy mid-September to you!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. I’m sorry that your comment got into my spam box. That didn’t happen before and I can’t fathom why it happened this time. Keep up the good works in drawing people’s attention u`pon the pitfalls of the information technology, without losing sight upon the new opportunities they offer for humankind.

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      1. Dear Shaharee,

        Thank you for your feedback. I would be very delighted if you could kindly leave your comment(s) in my said post as a token of your visit. You could copy and paste part of your previous reply as part of your forthcoming comment to be submitted to the comment section of the post, to which your previous reply clearly pertains and also belongs. Please feel free to expand on your comment(s) if you have additional matters to convey about the expansive post and any salient aspects of its contents. Thank you in anticipation.

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  3. The problem I see for the masterminds is that if they can easily control the implants then an opponent may very well do the same.
    Consider how effective the controls that are in place now are !

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    1. I can also see issues arising from the subconscious or dreaming mind,
      Imagine the prosthetic arm owner waking of a morning,
      And discovering a completed masterpiece
      Painted with the blood of that annoying neighbor !
      And there, your arm, your brush, your signature!!
      Or thieves
      Driving around of a night, luring these limbs out from their rightful owners.
      I imagine laMDA or some prosthetic mind, could create an army of these or a multi legged armed mega monster of it’s non-self.

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      1. It is for sure that the new technologies are confronting humanity with new challenges. Thank you for your contribution to the reflection upon this subject.


    2. Right now some players control and sometimes spoil the information stream. A perceptive mind can deal with that. The danger of neuro-implants is that they can bypass that barrier. Future cyberwars will be about population control.


      1. I think those players are in complete control now of the population and information.
        And that a implant would potentially loose this control


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