The Maharajagar is a portmanteau composed by using of the Hindu words Mahaan (Great), Hare (Green) and Ajagar (Dragon). It is also the title of a series of books.

The story line of the Maharajagar has been derived from an old Indian literary master piece called the Mahabharata or “the great tale of the Bhārata dynasty”. The importance of the Mahabharata to the world civilization can be compared to that of the Bible, the works of Shakespeare, the works of Homer, or the Qur’an.

An effort was made to connect the saga  with the work of more contemporary writers as James Joyce (Ulysses), Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family), Tayeb Salihel (Season of Migration to the North), Honoré de Balzac (Father Goriot) and many other literary works.

This has been done by de-fleshing the Mahabharata of most of its philosophical/religious contend and by focusing on the main story that keeps it together; the tale of the conflict between the Pandu and Kurava princes. The protagonists of the Mahabharata have received more contemporary multi-cultural identities and the action has been relocated into a closer by time-frame.

Where the Mahabharata consists of 18 volumes, the Maharajagar consists of 12 volumes. This is mainly because the volumes that are describing the 18 days lasting Kuravu War have been condensed to one volume. The titles of these volumes are;

  1. The Beginning.
  2. The Assembly Hall
  3. The Forest
  4. Virata
  5. The Effort
  6. The Kurava War
  7. Peace & Instructions
  8. The Horse Sacrifice
  9. The Hermitage
  10. The Clubs
  11. The Great Journey
  12. The Ascend to Heaven

Volume 1 is ready for publication, volume 2 is going through the editing process and a draft version of volume 3 should be ready by the end of 2018.

Fans of  James Redford and Dan Brown will love this mash up of adventure, metaphysics, science and history.

Three meta-themes are interwoven with the tale of the Maharajagar;

1.The All is a projection of informational modulated energy waves by a cosmically horizon on the time-space continuum.

2.Synchronicity is a phenomenon that comes to us with a message.

3.The Long Now is the only time concept to give a lasting meaning to our thinking and, hopefully consequent, actions.

These principles offer a perspective from where a powerful code of conduct can emanate, transforming our lives to a new experience of freedom, happiness, and love. It is a spellbinding epic tale of ambition, anarchy and absolute power, set against the canvas of North America during World War 1.

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