trimestigurian harlequins

The quest for the Maharajagar, a Hindu portmanteau made out of the Hindu words Mahaan (great) – Hare (green) and ajagar (dragon), started on May 16, 1914. This quest was on multiple levels influenced by cryptomathematic principles, but to understand those, it could be useful to give a some background how this new approach to the reality came into existence.

A little bit of History.

The Newtonian space and time collapsed in 1905 when Albert Einstein, at the age of twenty-six, published four groundbreaking papers: On the Photoelectric Effect; Brownian Motion; The Special Relativity, and The Equivalence of Mass and Energy. The new concept is that all objects are moving vibrations in the space-time continuum. The quantum physician Heisenberg introduced the notion that the act of observing changes the observed object. The world was thought in pieces, just as the ego, which is perceived as just a particle in an unlimited and unprotected field.

Picasso’s painting Trismegisturian Harlequins (1901-1905) portrayed the neglected offspring of Hermes. Because evolution in art or science is often the result of disrespect and revolt, they were punished with social exclusion for their diverging talents. Simmel and Durckheim considered that the collective always cannibalizes individuality till it becomes socially acceptable. Freud declared in 1906 that the masochistic satisfaction people experience when a theater character suffers on stage originates from the primitive offering rites that suppressed the impulse to revolt. He also stated that love is no remedy against war, because sex and death aren’t enemies but clandestine collaborators.

On December 11, 1910, the human character changed and the modernist consciousness founded itself upon the inherent instability of the new relativist worldviews.Suddenly humankind was lost in a relativistic universe where there were no more rules that could be transgressed and nobody could be accused of abnormality. The Chinese pagoda became popular in European culture as the cathedral of a religion that accepts a void because its five floors symbolize the five mystical nothings of life (earth, water, air, fire, and ether), and the reality of a barrel became its emptiness inside (Lao-tse).

Existentialism placed the individual on a rope that spanned an abyss and turned his daily occupations into acts of courage and perseverance. Language became, like money, an exchange object whose circulation served only as a vector that maintained a sense of community. Wittgenstein perceived the language as the limit of our knowledge and declared, “Wovon man nicht reden kann, darüber muss man schweigen. ” But the modernist thinking crossed the language barriers and stipulated that the unspeakable can be expressed in paintings, music, or mathematical equations.

This hybrid approach to describe the reality gave birth to a new form of scientific art; cryptomathematics.

Cryptomathecians are constantly looking for mathematical equations that are dissimulating themselves behind the barriers of the spoken or written language. They believe that the origins of the whole universe can be reduced to a two-dimensional model on a cosmological horizon where information is gathered and grows in complexity with time.

The degree of our understanding of the cosmological horizon also sets the scale of the universe we can observe. In this sense, future events could already be influencing the present, depending upon the scale of the applied horizon.

Following this theory ,everything we can experience in our physical reality can be reduced to vibrating algorithms that keep fractalizing in seemingly random complexity over time. Everything is the product of mentally modulated vibrations and the degree of consciousness of an object depends on the complexity of the underlying algorithm. In this scheme, the more complex algorithms are feeding upon the more simple ones, ruled by a cosmic horizon that’s constantly feeding on it all!

The Cryptomathematical Pioneers

Very soon after the inception of the modernist consciousness on December 11, 1910, some prominent thinkers realized that the depot of human knowledge underwent a fundamental compartmentalization characterized by the degree they responded to a setting of known mathematical rules.

On one hand there were the alpha-disciplines, also called the natural sciences, who work mostly with quantitative data, that found a seamless connection with the existing level of mathematical knowledge.

On the other hand were the beta-disciplines, also called the human sciences, who work mostly with qualitative data, and who were increasingly drifting apart from the natural sciences because of the problems science encountered to fit those data in mathematical models.

The French paleontologist and philosopher Teilhard de Chardin discerned into his book “The Phenomenon of Man  three phases of creation leading to intelligent, self-conscious life on Earth;

  • De creation of the Geosphere; water, minerals, air.
  • Out of the water came all life; the Biosphere. Noteworthy into this context is the Miller experiment, conducted in 1952. It simulated the chemical conditions on the Early Earth, and synthesized complex organic compound from their simpler inorganic components by just placing the latter into a huge glass vial filled with water and exposed the content to high electrical currents (simulating weather conditions that occurred at that time).
  • From the Biosphere emerged the Noosphere; intelligence, knowledge and self-consciousness.

It is an understatement that during the twentieth century the so called Noosophere was split up in two parts who were each speaking a different language.

It was at this time that a group of scientists started to develop a concept that just got rid of the notion quantitative data and stated that data were either true ore untrue, thus stating that either some fact had quality or not.

They also postulated that the amount a creature is conscious depends upon the logical structure of the algorithm that evokes the mental condition. The physical incorporation of the algorithm is irrelevant because the algorithm has a kind of immaterial existence that is not related to its realization in physical objects. The activation of the algorithm invokes a condition of consciousness. Of course is it possible that the algorithm uses the natural phenomena that depend upon the physical structures of the brain. The generally accepted point of view is that all relevant natural phenomena can be compressed in a mathematical model. Following this concept is awareness in fact a program that runs upon the hardware of our body and brain and makes use of quantum effects.

Because we assume that the world is logically consistent, we deduct that contradictions cannot relate to any fact. But paradoxes exist and have always a bigger compelling force than their refutations and are therefore, in a certain sense, more valid.

Belief and morals always precede logics and are in fact the real foundations of the “Principium Contradictoris”; the base upon the whole logical system is based. Something is or isn’t; it cannot be both.

The modern opinion of logic is that it doesn’t relate to the structure of reality but only is valid for the possible languages used to order this reality. In this context one can argue that human irrationality is not simply a regrettable freak of nature, but a condition as necessary as rationalism.

The fact-declaration is a meta-principle that separates the logical – and real principles following a certain order. One shouldn’t try to resolve paradoxes, because that’s impossible, but has to resolve with them, because that’s necessary.

The unique point where physics, mathematics and psychology converge lays, following Mulisch  , in the equation 1:2 of the string length of a tune to its octave.

The unique status of the harmony of an octave is only comparable with the disharmony of the paradox.

The octave belongs, just like the number and the colors, to an ideal world.  Its logos isn’t visible but only audible, not in space, but in time, just like the thinking.

Because we assume that the world is logically consistent, we deduct that contradictions cannot relate to any fact. But paradoxes exist and have always a bigger compelling force than their refutations and are therefore, in a certain sense, more valid.

Belief and morals always precede logics and are in fact the real foundations of the “Principium Contradictoris”; the base upon the whole logical system is based. Something is or isn’t; it cannot be both.

Their opinion of logic is that it doesn’t relate to the structure of reality but only is valid for the possible languages used to order this reality.

The fact-declaration is a meta-principle that separates the logical – and real principles following a certain order. One shouldn’t try to resolve paradoxes, because that’s impossible, but has to resolve with them, because that’s necessary.

One of the first discovered points where physics, mathematics and psychology converge lays in the equation 1:2 of the string length of a tune to its octave. The unique status of the harmony of an octave is only comparable with the disharmony of the paradox. The octave belongs, just like the number and the colors, to an ideal world.  Its logos isn’t visible but only audible, not in space, but in time, just like the thinking.

The Cryptomathematical Psychogram

The only mathematical model that worked for the human psyche was of a seven dimensional nature, based upon Geometric Psychology, a concept developed and published by an Australian surveyor named B.W. Betts in 1887. Here  follows a model a two dimensional representation of seven dimensional personality structure;


It is established that all relevant personality data are stored in seven different clusters. The seven axes of the model have to be turned till one axis runs through all other clusters to obtain a comprehensible result. The Emotional, Intelligence and Gender clusters are generated by the action of the three hemispheric dichotomies that are superimposed on it while the other four are simple bipolar functions. R represents the superego or degree of conscientiousness; T represents the axis between practical and theoretical attitude; C represents someone’s social attitudes or conventionality (progressive or conservative, left or right); A is the measure of agreeableness or the characteristics that define a personas sympathetic or tending toward dark triad behavior (Narcism, Machiavellism, and Psychopathy).

A case study; A Cryptomathematical Analysis of the US Best Sellers Lists.

A recent application of the cryptomathematical method is an analysis of the bestseller book lists in de USA with the help of Fournier’s theorem. This has been published as a pamphlet by an unknown author around 2015 under the title Synthetic Literary Criticism

There is a consensus in the scientifically community that literary activity and sociological processes are intertwined. An ongoing discussion if literature is the vehicle for introducing new sociological and cultural themes or if it is a medium that expresses and propagates already existing sociological or intellectual ideas can now be addressed.

Since it has been demonstrated in the paper that the best sold literary works followed a mathematical cycle determined by time, neither of these assumptions are true. Literary history, – contend and – development are governed by a Law of Nature that pursues its own purpose.

In theory it should be possible to forecast future trends with the proposed mathematical model, but it would only work with a relative accuracy for the non fiction literature since some functions of the literary fiction have since 1965 been usurped by other media. One might sometimes get funny answers.

The problem lies with the solidness of the system caused by small disturbances from outside. For example, neighboring equilibrates can fusion and next disappear completely; the solutions that were converging from this equilibrates, are obliged to move to somewhere else, what causes a drastically change of behavior on the long term.

In this case, the introduction of new media caused a stochastic disturbance and made  the fiction’s bestseller list to pass such a bifurcation point. This doesn’t necessarily invalidate the algorithm; it’s function may just cover a wider specter of information carriers.

The Cryptomathematical Universe

Alan Guth believed that the universe bubbled up out of a pre-universal singularity. During a short moment, all the forces and building stones of matter were one. When the Higgs-field symmetries started to break up, followed a hot expansion

higgs field

 Computerized image of a particle interaction with the Higgs Field

The Higgs Field is an energy field that exists everywhere in the universe. The field is accompanied by a fundamental particle called the Higgs Boson, which the field uses to continuously interact with other particles. As particles pass through the field they are “given” mass, much as an object passing through treacle (or molasses) will become slower. Mass itself is not generated by the Higgs field- the creation of matter or energy would conflict with the laws of conservation. However, mass is “imparted” to particles from the Higgs field, which contains the relative mass in the form of energy. Once the field has endowed a formerly massless particle the particle slows down because it has become heavier. If the Higgs field did not exist, particles would not have the mass required to attract one another, and would float around freely at light speed.( source; the simple Wikipedia)

Shortly after the Big Bang, the Higgs-field became super cooled and got blocked. This resulted in a false vacuum with latent energy, called false not to confuse it with the empty space. Following insights, already developed by Einstein in his General Relativity Theory, such a pseudo-vacuum would cause a repulsive force, resulting in a short period of swelling up, were by the area that would become our visible universe, exploded. When the Higgs-field instead of exploding, coagulated, can it be possible that this created parallel universes, divided by energy fields that are dividing the universe into different domains. The swelling up scenario would also explain the whereabouts of the monopoles; they got scattered over the universe during the explosion.

If there were things happening before the Big Bang, then they don’t have any influence upon what’s actually happening. We don’t have to take into account their existence because they don’t have any consequences for our observations. We can postulate that time started with the Big Bang because previous times are undefined

The Universe is governed by four fundamental forces; Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Core Energy and Strong Core Energy with the space-time   as background.

space time curvature

 Image of the space-time curvature that causes gravity. The central idea of general relativity is that space and time are two aspects of space-time. Space-time is curved when there is gravity, matter, energy, and momentum. The links between these forces are shown in the Einstein Field Equations. One equation in General relativity is E=mc^2, and there are many more (source the simple Wikipedia).

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity describes gravitation as a consequence of the curvature of space-time. The gravitational force that two objects exercise upon each other can very nearly be calculated by Newton’s universal gravitation law.

Einstein’s relativity theory described where gravity is coming from by applying a couple of basic principles and was long time challenged by the Quantum Mechanics Field Theory, till the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) created a frame where they could coexist.

Quantum Mechanics is the part of physics that can explain why all electronic technology works as it does. Thus QM explains how computers work, because computers are electronic machines. But the designers of the early computer hardware of around 1950 or 1960 did not need to think about QM. The designers of radios and televisions at that time did not think about QM either. However, the design of the more powerful integrated circuits and computer memory technologies of recent years does require QM. The base of QM is the Schrodinger Equation and is up to now the most accurate theory of how subatomic particles behave. It defines something called the wave function of a particle or system (group of particles) which has a certain value at every point in space for every given time. These values have no physical meaning, yet the wave function contains all information that can be known about a particle or system. This information can be found by mathematically manipulating the wave function to return real values relating to physical properties such as position, momentum(mass times velocity), energy, etc. The wave function can be thought of as a picture of how this particle or system acts with time and describes it as fully as possible.

The wave function can be in a number of different states at once, and so a particle may have many different positions, energies, velocities or other physical property at the same time (i.e. “be in two places at once”). However, when one of these properties is measured it has only one specific value (which cannot be definitely predicted), and the wave function is therefore in just one specific state. This is called wave function collapse and seems to be caused by the act of observation or measurement. The exact cause and interpretation of wave function collapse is still widely debated in the scientific community.

wave particle duality

Image of a wave-particle duality

It is also a more general theory of quantum gravity and is an area of active research. It postulates that the gravitational force is mediated by a massless spin-2 particle called the graviton and hypotheses that gravity could have separated from the electronuclear force during the grand unification period.

Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces of the universe and is approximately 10−38 times the strength of the strong force, 10−36 times the strength of the electromagnetic force, and 10−29 times the strength of the weak force. As a result, gravity has a negligible influence on the behavior of sub-atomic particles, and plays no role in determining the internal characteristics of daily matter. Nevertheless, gravity is responsible for causing the stars to form constellations, the planets to orbit the stars, the internal heating up from the stars and for various other phenomena observed throughout the universe. That is because gravity is the only force acting on all particles, has an infinite range, is always attractive and never repulsive and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against.

The electromagnetic force is a kind of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged objects and usually manifests into the form of an electromagnetic field. It plays an important role in determining the internal properties of most common everyday objects. Matter takes its shape as a result of intermolecular forces between individual molecules in matter. Electromagnetic waves mechanics bind particles into orbitals around atomic nuclei to form atoms, which are the building stones of molecules. Processes involved in chemistry arise from interactions between the electrons of neighboring atoms, determined by the interaction between electromagnetic force and the momentum of the electrons.

In traditional electrodynamics, electric fields are described as electric potential and electric current in Ohm’s law, magnetic fields are associated with electromagnetic induction and magnetism, while Maxwell’s equations describe how electric and magnetic fields are generated and influence each other by charges and currents.

The establishment of the speed of light based on properties of the “medium” of propagation (permeability and permittivity), led to the development of special relativity theorem by Albert Einstein. At high energy the weak force and electromagnetism are unified. During the making of the universe, during the quark epoch, the electroweak force split into the electromagnetic and weak forces.

The weak interaction causes the radioactive decay of subatomic particles and nuclear fission and the theory of it is sometimes referred to as quantum flavor dynamics (QFD), but is best understood in terms of the electro-weak theory (EWT).

The weak interaction is caused by the emission or absorption of W and Z bosons. The known fermions (particles that have half-integer spin) interact because of the weak interaction. Either a fermion is an elementary particle (ex. the electron), or it can be a composite particle (ex. a proton). The weak force has only a short range because the masses of W+, W−, and Z bosons are each far greater than that of protons or neutrons. The force is called weak because its field strength over a given distance is mostly several times of magnitude less than that of other fundamental interactions of nature.

The strong nuclear force is only effective at a distance of a femtometre and ensures the stability of ordinary matter, as it confines the quark elementary particles into hadron particles such as the proton and neutron, the largest components of the mass of ordinary matter. Most of the mass-energy of a common proton or neutron is in the form of the strong force field energy; the individual quarks provide only about 1% of the mass-energy of a proton.

It’s function is to bind protons and neutrons together into atoms and is called the nuclear force . It is the residuum of the strong interaction between the quarks that make up the protons and neutrons.

It composes most of the energy that is released during the breakup of a nucleus and is used in nuclear power plants and fission nuclear weapons.

What we call empty space is in fact an enormous background upon which these four forces paint in golf like vibration the Universe.

To understand the Universe, Isaac Newton created a mechanical methodology that still has a great influence on reductionism opinions in contemporary science. Just lately we began to see ourselves as an information process. Since language is the most important tool that we use to transmit information, is it impossible for an individual to give an impartial description that supersedes the limitations of his language. So the universe is something that we invent; into the Jewish culture there goes a saying that states that with every person that dies, a universe gets destroyed.

To conclude this chapter, I want to list the five most important issues that thwart our understanding of the universe;

  1. De limits of my language are the limits of my world. Linguistically research has already established that some languages serve better certain purpose that whatever other language does. You have to see a language as a huge computer program; they all have their specializations. So has linguistically research for example established that the Navajo language would be the best language for discussing nuclear physics, there are 56 different ethnic groups in China but all of them can READ Chinese because it’s alphabet is a logographic one (most languages have a phonetically alphabet), the amount and complexity of tunes that a language uses has climatically atavistic roots, etc… It is suggested that the only language that probably could express a comprehensive model of the universe would have to be R’lyehian. This language makes no distinction between nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Verbs have only two tenses: present and not-present,  while time is perceived in by the users of this language as a non-linear phenomenon.  Next to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception (taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound), R’lyehian contains words for two additional senses; perception of electromagnetic fields and the flow of time.
  2. Were Newtonian physics teaches us that the components are important, demonstrated Wiener the importance of the patterns that connects the components to each other. This refers to the Gestalt aspect of a given subject. It comes also to expression into the holistic approach that medical science develops in treating diseases.
  3. Another problem is the mystery of the missing magnetic monopoles. Recent research has led to new theories for the existence of magnetic monopoles. In this context scientists are working at a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) who postulates the existence of a magnetic monopole particle. In most quantum field theories the majority of the particles are unstable, but the GUT predicts the existence of a particle called the dyon, whose basic state is a monopole, and who’s stable because there is no simpler topological state to decay to. They came to existence as a side effect of the freezing out of the early universe. During research with the superconducting quantum interference device, there have been observations made of monopole events, but the problem lies with the fact that the events cannot be reproduced. Novikov, a Russian astrophysicist, claims that the black holes are entrances to an Einstein-Rosen bridge (a nontraversible wormhole) and could contain magnetic monopoles .
  4. Gravitational effects induced by coupling via superconductivity. In 1992, a Russian material scientist named Dr. Eugene Podkletnov claimed that he had found an antigravity effect while working with a team of researchers at Tampere University of Technology in Finland. They made a device that caused an anti-gravitational effect by using a ring of superconducting ceramic (Yttrium-barium-copper oxide) spinning at 5000 rpm. An above the  rotating dish suspended object showed a variable weight loss from less than 0,5% to better then 2%.
  5. The only model that can successfully deal with the existence of parallel realities is, in analogy with the seven dimensional nature of the human psyche, also of a seven dimensional nature.

“This actual world of what is knowable, in which we are and which is in us, remains both the material and the limit of our consideration (Schopenhauer).”

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