The Cryptomathematical Psychogram

The only mathematical model that worked for the human psyche was of a seven dimensional nature, based upon Geometric Psychology, a concept developed and published by an Australian surveyor named B.W. Betts in 1887. Here  follows a model a two dimensional representation of seven dimensional personality structure;


It is established that all relevant personality data are stored in seven different clusters. The seven axes of the model have to be turned till one axis runs through all other clusters to obtain a comprehensible result. The Emotional, Intelligence and Gender clusters are generated by the action of the three hemispheric dichotomies that are superimposed on it while the other four are simple bipolar functions. R represents the superego or degree of conscientiousness; T represents the axis between practical and theoretical attitude; C represents someone’s social attitudes or conventionality (progressive or conservative, left or right); A is the measure of agreeableness or the characteristics that define a personas sympathetic or tending toward dark triad behavior (Narcism, Machiavellism, and Psychopathy).

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