An incredibly comfortable chair. One that looks nice. I just want to be able to sit and work without having to use any muscle in my body except my fingers and maybe my brain muscle.

Those who’re following me for a while will probably notice that my studio became a little crammed. That’s also a point of contention. I don’t want a chair that’s taking up the remaining floor space.

I’m doing something old-fashioned while using highly advanced technology to do it. One challenge for me and many other artists today is to put the human touch in digital technology. But bonding that old technology to a new one gives hope that digital creativity can be a great artistic path. It can respond to the need of the artist to express emotion and create things with a real sensuality.

Digital art can be used to create an old-fashioned artistic sensibility in a time where a lot of digital art is cold and removed. I think our way of living needs to be upgraded into old- fashioned values. We have a responsibility as artists to turn not only digital technology into something more human, but life itself into something more human.

A good chair would be a tremendous help to achieve that goal. Until then, I have to improvise with what I have.

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