I’ve been long time staying out of the public debate concerning the pandemic, but lately a large group of people are starting to irritate me. Those who stubbornly refuse the vaccine and simultaneously protest the consequences of that choice.

When actually 95 % of those being hospitalized in Western countries because of Covid 19 are not vaccinated, the question might be legitim if society needs to support the healthcare cost of those who deliberately refused a preventive treatment.

If an employer, public transport, country, or school refuses non-vaccinated people because that could endanger the good functioning of their organization: that’s also part of THEIR freedom of choice.

Remember people: only between your own four walls you have the maximum of freedom that society allows to its members. The moment you leave those walls and want to participate to the social life, a different set of rules applies that is mainly concerned to put the needs of society above the rights of the individual.

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