We are so much used to noise that many people perceive silence as discomforting. A pause into a conversation must be filled up with meaningless innuendo. Every room into the house must have a blaring TV or other noisemaker. Some people even claim they can´t work when there isn´t any sound producing device around (albeit I might make an exception for the noises produced by a construction yard).

 Silent people very often get the predicament of being asocial, shy, or just stupid. It apparently never occurs to all those talkative persons that listeners also participate into a conversation. And yeah, those who have the habit of thinking before they say something, can sometimes getting bored by the talk of those who just let their mouth run ahead of their brain.

To speak is to exist. When you don´t howl with the wolves, you´re a sheep.

I incline to think that humankind resembles more a tree populated by chattering parrots. To twitter is to exist. A damned nuisance if you want to concentrate on something that requires some creativity or thinking.

Who thinks about the fact that you should only speak or write when you have something meaningful to share? That saying or writing nothing is always better than saying or writing something stupid or hurtful?

I refuse to speak up when I have nothing to say. I do my best to keep my mouth shut when I´m angry and only speak out when I´ve calmed my thoughts. I only write when I have a thought to share that can make the world a better place to live in. But mostly I value silence. It is a source of great strength. Lao Tzu said this already long time ago.

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