Turkey's War Scenarios against Greece: Missiles to strike Athens

This post deviates a little from my regular discourse and has been triggered by mounting military tensions between Turkey and Greece about some drilling rights in the Mediterranean.

Now, there is a similar dispute between Spain and Morocco about some areas in the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the Canary Islands. Because  Morocco isn’t part of the NATO, they have to maneuver with greater care then Turkey, since an open attack upon a member state by a non—member state automatically triggers article 5; the collective defense clause of the treaty.

What's at stake in China's claims to the South China Sea?

Then you have China who’s laying wildly claims upon big Oceanic stretches in Asia where mineral riches are to be found and Iran who threatens to cut off the West from the Arab oil fields by blocking the street of Hormuz in retaliation of the international sanctions that have been in imposed upon the regime in Teheran.

The Road to the Civil War timeline | Timetoast timelines

All above is already bad, but then you have in the USA a two party system that is on the verge of implosion, where militants of both sides are confronting each other in clashes of increasing violence. And this happens in a country where there are 100 million guns in circulation and the law enforcement is going rogue because they’re losing a war against gangs and terrorists.

How to reform American police, according to experts - Vox

While the world is still digesting the aftermath of 9/11 we’re getting as cherry upon the cake a worldwide pandemic that drives business and people into bankruptcies while the media publish alarmist messages of rising infection rates. This prompts politicians to introduce ridiculous rules and gives an opening to some puritan lobby groups to press their own agendas. Few journalists indicate that the testing rate is meanwhile tenfold higher than 6 months ago and the amount of hospitalizations is about 10 % of what it used to be. Alarmist news sells better.

The fear factor: how should we deal with alarmist health reporting? |  Health & wellbeing | The Guardian

Also the drugs dealers in Europe start to feel the effect of the downturn in business due to the lock downs and this results in turf fights that were previously unseen in countries as Belgium and Sweden. And now you have armored vehicles patrolling the streets of some European capitals.

COVID-19: Coronavirus Lockdown Is Putting Darknet Drug Dealers Out Of  Business

Is it just my perception or is our model of society unraveling at an alarming speed? Experts predict that next new-year and Christmas will not be as any other year.

World War 3 on Twitter: "Happy New Year!! Thank you for being with us. We  want to wish you all the best in the coming year - we still have a lot

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