Every writer who does his research knows this; Amazon publishes every six minutes a new book. This makes it very difficult for everyone to draw the attention of the potential reader.

Due to the current lock-down caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, I had some time on my hands to go snooping around on some Facebook pages to find out what’s behind this sudden outburst of productivity in the publishing world.

Under this paragraph you find a synopsis of the most recurring questions that were posted on a Facebook page about creative writing. The result was putting me through a minor depression.


I want to write a creative story but have no ideas. How do I get inspiration?



Pls writers. Does writing has anything to do with knowing English language very well?



Can one be a good writer without reading much???


If one is writing a novel what should be main essentials?



How many pages (minimum) does a novel need to have?


Pls guys: How do I make money with writing?

alien or zombies

What is easiest to write: a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?


I have no doubt that some people will find this incredibly funny, but when you’re a writer and you realize that your work is just spewed out by Amazon between the works of those masterminds, you sink away in quiet desperation.

overwhelmed by books

PS. Please take into account that I’ve reproduced the questions like they were posted on Facebook before you start pummeling me about their syntax.

3 thoughts on “The Mindset of the Average Aspirant Writer on Facebook.

  1. Hey Urban, I hope you’re doing OK. There’s many out there struggling with these questions – but don’t get disheartened my friend, keep doing what your doing and I hope you’ll get to where you want to be. If not, enjoy the journey anyway, life is brief in the scheme of things – that’s the real secret 🙂

    I just posted some creative writing, which you were a main part of my inspiration – may be of interest (or not, only you know that) :


    Keep well and safe.



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    1. Hi Don,
      Thank you for your interest. I’m doing fine and the lack of interest in my writings doesn’t upset me anymore as much as it used to do. In fact I started to see it in a kind of ironic perspective: the so called needle in a haystack.
      I’m at a stage that when I’m looking at my graphs on Amazon and just shrug. It would be nice to have some more readers, but I don’t intend to invest more time in promoting my books than in writing the damned things. I still have a life to live. Lately I just figured out that writing helps me to grow as a person because it enlarges my perception.
      And so it goes for my little weekly posts of about 500 words (or less). They function as some pressure valve to ventilate my thoughts about some issues that either interest or frustrate me.
      Stay safe,

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