For the last four years I’ve been working on a series that is called the Maharajagar. Part 1 and  2 have been made available through Amazon: as well in a Kindle version as in a printed format. Right now I’m working at the final chapter of book 3 and hope to finish a first draft by the end of October while I’ve pinpointed March 2020 as a publication date. The series are conceived to consist of five books.

The title of this series “The Maharajagar” is a self-coined portmanteau through combining parts of the Hindu words; mahaan (great), hare (green) and ajagar (dragon). For long time I believed that he main subject of the series would be about the struggle between Order vs Chaos, just to realize that neither of them is fundamentally good or bad since both aspects can be driven by rightful or evil intentions. One just has to think about the absolute order that most dictatorial regimes are craving to implement. Instead the story became the story of good vs evil where both sides are attributed with varying degrees of order and chaos.

The main purpose of this novel is to entertain the reader with a historical fantasy: a spellbinding epic tale of ambition, anarchy and absolute power, set against the canvas of North America, Europe and Asia during World War 1 and the ensuing great depression.

This novel uses metaphors, symbols, ambiguities, and overtones which gradually link themselves together so as to form a network of connections binding the whole work. This system of connections gives the novel a wide, more universal significance as the tale becomes a modern microcosm presented from a fictive metaphysical perspective. This system can be described as the “mythic method”: a way of controlling, of ordering, of giving a shape and give significance to the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history.

As such, this derivative of the Mahabharata contains several textual, biographical, temporal, and topographical discrepancies during its adaption to a contemporary novel, as do the names and some facts derived from the lives of real people in a variety of often unexpected ways to recreate the life-stories of its protagonists.

I made an effort to connect this novel with the work of more contemporary writers as James Joyce (Ulysses), Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family), Tayeb Salihel (Season of Migration to the North), Honoré de Balzac (Father Goriot), H. P. Lovecraft (The Dreamland Cycle), … and many other literary icons while taking some artistic liberties with their creations.

Although this is a work of fiction, there are nevertheless three meta-themes interwoven with the tale of the Maharajagar;

  • The All is a projection of informational modulated energy waves by a cosmically horizon on the time-space continuum.
  • Synchronicity is a phenomenon that comes to us with a message
  • The Long Now is the only time concept to give a lasting meaning to our thinking and, hopefully consequent, actions

These principles offer a perspective from where a powerful code of conduct can emanate, transforming our lives to a new experience of freedom, happiness, and love.

The curious among you who have a Kindle Unlimited account can download a free copy of the first part by following this link and I would be grateful to those who can leave a review of this book on Goodreads or Amazon.

cover assembly Hall 3

15 thoughts on “When Order vs. Chaos doesn’t equal Good vs. Bad.

  1. Heya Urban! I actually downloaded the pdf a few days ago and I am really excited to start reading it! 😍😍👻👻 Although it may take a little while to complete it. 😊😊 GREAT WORK! ☺️


      1. Don’t get discouraged. It may jut be because not many people know about it! If you promote it enough, they will take the time to read it! EVERYONE IS SOO FRIENDLYY! 😍😍 Just ask some of your frequent readers personally and they WILL respond! ❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree but…well…although it’s a bit uncomfortable, you gotta get out there and ask people because they aren’t going to become aware of your book on your own! EVERYONE is promoting! So should you! Personally email them! It’s always a good place to start! 😊😊❤️

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      3. Rook, The Orangutan Librarian, Lashaan, Bookstooge – some of the bloggers which I think will be interested in the kind of book you have written. Just some blogs where you are frequent and who are frequent on yours. 😊

        Liked by 3 people

      4. Well then! Leave them…I am going to read yours! 🤣😊 But it might not be before December, you know…because I jut got a couple of ARCs..still, rest assured of at least one feedback! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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