I stumbled upon the works of Alexander Rodin in 2011 during  an exposition called East Meets West in Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany. Rodin currently lives and works in Berlin, because (as he describes it himself in an interview with website n-europe.eu) ‘Berlin is a place interested in art. […] I am an artist and exhibitions are my life. And when I suggest a concept of an exhibition or an event and see that it fascinates Germans – why not to organize it there? Why not to hold an exhibition in Berlin when it acknowledges my creativity?

Rodin’s most inspiring works are rarely for sale, but the artist gladly sells signed posters with reproductions of his works or puts them up for expositions. That’s how he distillates a living from his art.

Why do I make an effort to mention Rodin in a series of posts where I write about artists that inspire my own writing projects? Because Rodin is the only contemporary painter that has his works hanging at the walls of my studio. When I experience some kind of a writer’s block, all I have to do is to stare at his works for a couple of minutes to reset my creative mind. They hang in the same order as the originals were hanging at the exposition.

Alexander Rodin’s paintings are an event quite unexpected for Belarusian art with its ideological taboos and conventional norms. The art composition in his paintings is based upon the multifaceted reflections of infinite spaces. The latter undergo constant changes of urban, geological, technocratic and biological nature. And in order to take them to a single image-bearing system Alexander chooses a high panoramic point of view and uses practical monochrome colors of various tonalities. Alexander paints the universe with microscopic precision. The longer one peers at those silver-black abysses the deeper they become…

He describes his works as follow, “I work in a manner that’s unfortunately moved to the background now; it has been substituted for coloring and graphics. I combine avant-garde forms and introduce constructivism and cosmogony and through the plasticity of the rhythms and color structures I try to juxtapose the micro and macro cosmos of mental, physical and astral being”.

I refer gladly those who want to learn more about this artist to his Facebook where you can click on his albums and notes to find out more.

5 thoughts on “The Poly-semantic Paintings of Alexander Rodin.

  1. Thanks for this Urban I think I’ve seen some of Rodin’s work in the Netherlands…I lm going to looked closer at his works….I love this stuff….have a happy day ~ smiles Hedy 🤓☺️👍


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