In my search for artistically projects that are inspired by the same themes as my writing project, I stumbled upon THE SECRET AND IMPOSSIBLE LEAGUE OF THE NOOSPHERE.  This theater production is the result of conversations between director Meghan Arnette and playwright Darian Lindle about theater, science fiction, identity, the female voice, and the power of serial storytelling. The first theater piece in the resulting series of plays is called THE BALTIMORE PLOT.

SILON is a league of old-time superheroes who harnesses their combined consciousness to save Abraham Lincoln in this steampunky play by Darian Lindle.

The play introduced this secret society sailing in and out of space/time in a sentient ship. Caught out time in the Noosphere, where reality is formed and destroyed through the power of Ideas, Nicola Tesla, Ava Lovelace, and Lord Byron discover that someone is dismantling human history. The league will swindle con artists, employ Pinkertons, and pose as secessionists in an attempt prevent the assassination of President-elect Abraham Lincoln before he can even take office.

In my series, The Maharajagar, Tesla is one of the secondary protagonists, while Babbage’s invention, the Analytical Engine, makes also an appearance. The Noosphere, the relativity of time, and synesthesia (joined perception) are treated subjects in creating the story line.

There are however conceptual differences with The Maharajagar and SILON. In my writing is the Noosphere referred to as The Void and synesthesia is just a mere side effect of a more encompassing personal transformation process. Also the setting of The Maharajagar isn’t centered on one particular historical event, but has the global historical processes of the first half of the 20th century as a historical context.

I’m looking forward to further productions in these theater series. You can check the page of the Live Girls! Theater at

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