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Degree of entropy inside the USA following the system theory.

1. Introduction

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the entropy of a naturally occurring system always increases. In social systems, the degree of disorder is a manifestation of the social dissatisfaction within the limits of the system

2. Formulating the Relationship to Calculate Social Entropy

We postulate the existence of two types of contributions to the SE. First, what we name individual contribution (∆Sb) and second, the group contribution (∆Sg). Consequently, we may write:
∆Ss= ∆Sb + ∆Sg                                                                                           (1)
where SE=∆S, ∆Sb may be considered as a typical value, which characterizes base contribution. Strictly speaking ∆Sb will depend on such different contributions as the geographical location, racial prejudices, religion, etc.
For practical purposes, being ∆Sb a relative value, we may consider it as a constant for each particular human community at a particular moment of history.
ΔS’ = R ln Ω                                                                                                (2)
where ΔS’ = ΔSs-ΔSb   ; N: total number of inhabitants in a chosen system (country), n: number of people in a determined state (degree of dissatisfaction). Consequently, n=iN; where i represent a fraction of N. Observe that Ω is the characteristic probability of the state of the system as we stated earlier, that is to say the probability of the system (people of a country) to be in a particular mode of agreement or disagreement with the current political situation.
In order to simplify the application of (2) we use the Stirling formula and find;
sterling formula                     (3)

In order to apply the relationship given above, eq. (3), to the USA case, we made use of public information relative to the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This information was relatively easy to be obtained through the internet by entering web sites of specialized poll agencies. In fact, we found even more interesting to show the increase of social entropy with increase of social dissatisfaction in a rather broad range, instead of restricting ourselves to a particular moment of history. Thus by straightforward calculation using (3) we managed to produce a plot of social entropy vs. degree of social dissatisfaction, see diagram below

increase of entropy

Social entropy increase with social degree of dissatisfaction

3. Discussion and analysis.

Any political system that permanently violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics, contributes itself to increase its Social Entropy. In other words it forces itself to its end.

Human society has coined several sayings which is a sophisticated way of stating the second law of thermodynamics: remember for example: “There is no political malady which will last 100 years, and there is nobody who will go along with it”(simply because social entropy increases).

There are two ways for a political system to force to an apparent social order, which is by being honest and open, giving voluntary compliance with rules, or by making use of force, which is characteristic of dictatorial regimes; but the last one works only for a very short period of time; because ΔSb will start increasing leading undoubtedly to the social dissatisfaction.

4. Concluding Remarks

Social Entropy is very high in the USA and may be approximated using a Boltzmann type equation. The USA as a nation system drifts towards its senility phase and this might find its ultimate expression in the amount of entropy this nation system accumulates.

Political, economical, cultural and social rules are breached on a massive scale.  Consumer confidence is low, joblessness rates are high and police officers are waging an uphill battle against the street gangs and terrorists. The gangs are terrorizing whole neighborhoods with their territorial fights for drugs distribution; the mood on the street is sour.

The US citizens lost their confidence into the political elite of their country who is pursuing its own personal goals rather than the interest of the population they pretend to represent. The sale of guns is sky rocking and so do public shootings. Its citizens are increasingly caving in for an implosion of the system and congress is dead locked by bipartisan issues.

2 thoughts on “Social entropy in the USA

    1. Thank you for your interest in my woolly writings. The collapse will occur as unexpected and spectacular as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Let’s hope they just crumble away and don’t go with a big bang.


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