The Death of an Artist and his Reputation .

At the start of this post, I hesitated if I should include outsider artists like Henri Dagger, James Hampton or Charles Dellschau into my considerations. The works of these artists were only discovered after their deaths and gained considerable recognition. During their lifetime they’ve never sought to share their creations with the world, but considered … Continue reading The Death of an Artist and his Reputation .

Time in Art.

Time is one of the most common commodities of any artistic work. Yet it is also one of the least comprehended ingredients. Albert Einstein, who thought a lot about the nature of time, despaired at his failure to explain the meaning of now. The moment now remains something ephemeral. In his Special Relativity Theory, he … Continue reading Time in Art.

The Inductive Circuit Coupling between Chicken Soup and Literature.

Today was my turn to do the cooking. I choose to make an old time favorite of mine: chicken soup. It’s an easy recipe and while you’re doing the vegetable cutting, your mind has plenty of time to wander around . Although keep your eyes on the knife blade if you want to remain attached … Continue reading The Inductive Circuit Coupling between Chicken Soup and Literature.

What’s on US?

The forces shaping our future are not inevitable in the sense that they are ‘preordained’ or irrefutable. Rather, they are inevitable because: They’re already happening, have been ‘happening’ for more than thirty years, and will keep happening;They are fundamentally driven by the underlying dynamics of technology itself, determined by mathematics and physics. While Kelly in … Continue reading What’s on US?

About Cryptomathematics.

The Newtonian space and time collapsed in 1905 when Albert Einstein, at the age of twenty-six, published four groundbreaking papers: On the Photoelectric Effect; Brownian Motion; The Special Relativity, and The Equivalence of Mass and Energy. The new concept is that all objects are moving vibrations in the space-time continuum. The quantum physician Heisenberg introduced … Continue reading About Cryptomathematics.

The US Literary Universe.

Since US literature, as represented by the US Library of Congress, has the whole universe as a subject, one could assume that this system is also governed by the same mechanisms that it describes. In the following two paragraphs I would like to outline some analogies between what most people consider as two disciplines who … Continue reading The US Literary Universe.