It is important to acknowledge and confront oppressive systems in society in order to advocate for equality and opportunity. However, it is not productive to engage in overly-vigilant or reactionary behavior, such as calling out perceived instances of cultural appropriation without understanding the context, or tearing down individuals who are seen as oppressors without working towards constructive solutions. It is crucial to uplift marginalized communities while also striving for understanding and dialogue to create a more just and equitable society.

I want to be open-minded and engaged. I want to be informed and passionate. I want to be an advocate and a human being beyond political issues. I don’t want to rewrite history or censor the works of Dahl, Dickens, Stowe, Twain, Hemmingway, and many others in order to make them fit into my perception of fairness and right (or left, whatever).

Censorship has been of all ages. The most creepy kind of censorship is the one that climbs into the heads of artists and make them consider if their works or opinions are in line with what the contemporary moral crusaders preach.

Maybe we can broaden the definition of “woke” to include characteristics from both sides of the political spectrum, but until then I remain contently un-woke

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