In this post I want you to bring part 5 of my latest project (for those who missed out on part 1, more info at the bottom of this post). If you want to hear the audio, just click on the image (duration 115 sec).

Mars. Mixed technics on canvas 45 x 45 cm by Shaharee Vyaas (2023). Collection Civilization and Cosmos part 5

(Cato, de Agricultura, CXLI)
Mythopia prayed to welcome Mars,
God of Farming, God of Wars,
Begging with a desperate litany,
To deliver them from misery,
to be gracious and merciful to them,
their houses, and their households…and that he will allow
their harvests, their grain, and their plantations to regrow
and to come to good issue, restore their wealth,
return their flocks and shepherds to good health.
And Mars then said them to repent,
They´ll have to build a monument,

A dam to guide the river´s flow,
thus restraining her great force,
to install swirling blades below
feeding powerlines in due course.
To provide the farms with irrigation stream
To grow crops and water fields of kind.
Mythopia became a farmer’s dream
Mars said: One more thing comes to mind.
Black Dystopia you must heed,
Ruled by darkness beyond my reach
Out of spite, begets your fleet.
and War may come, to your beach.

Mythopia, land of beauty and such paradise,
But it would soon be held in Eris’ vice.
The air was filled with an ocean breeze,
But their tranquility would soon enough cease.

Their enemy arrived with a sneak attack,
And didn’t leave them enough time to react.
Dystopia came in fast and hit them hard,
Despite Mars ‘warning, caught off guard.

Quickly they arrived, quickly they were gone,
A vicious assault right after dawn.
The fleet destroyed, the sailors killed,
Leaving many voids to never be filled.

When the war machine returned to sea,
There was devastation for Mythopia to see.
Frantically trying to rescue and save,
Retrieving sailors for an early grave.

In the mind of Mars prevailed one thought,
To revenge the havoc they had brought.
Mythopia would not know peace but war,
till the war machine was not anymore

My latest project concerns itself with a multimedia installation that consists of a rotating rhombicuboctahedron that is suspended in a magnetic field. The twelve square faces of the rhombicuboctahedron are carrying an image that represents the mythological aspects of the main celestial bodies that make our planetary system. While the installation makes every two minutes a turn to bring another planet in focus, a melody is played that consists of a classical music tune that is derived from the electromagnetic waves emitted by this particular celestial body mixed with a poem that refers to a specific phase that occurs in every civilization cycle with a reference to the classic European mythology that backs it up. The installation measures about 3 meters over 3 meter. The concept of this installation is founded upon the idea of how the cyclical nature of a multitude of phenomena mirrors circulatory cosmological and biological patterns

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