This painting stands at the cradle of my becoming as an artist. It is inspired by a painting of Dali (The Last Supper) and contains all the main actors that have got a heavy influence upon the way I developed my personal style and philosophy. In the center figures Leonardo da Vinci, which I consider one of the last universal minds that embodied both the analytical approach of the scientist as the synthesizing method of the artist. He is surrounded by Salvador Dali, Marie Curie, James Joyce on his left, and by Ada Lovelace, Lao Tzu and Valentin-Yves Mudimbe on his right. In the foreground play Albert Einstein and Frank Zappa a duet. It is painted upon the background of the Island of Utila, a Caribbean Island that is part of the Bay Islands, an archipelago that belongs to the republic of Honduras. This island functioned as a catalyst that facilitated my mental distillation process.

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