Dear family, friends, and followers,

I must admit that the passing of the old year into the new one was marked by a somewhat gloomy mood on my side. I drafted an inventory of the last year and albeit it was a rather productive year in terms of creative work, it left me with a slight feeling of being burned out.

Hence I just decided to let one week slip without my regular Thursday post. As I mentioned earlier, when I have nothing meaningful to communicate, I prefer silence over producing some innuendo just to prove my existence to the Google algorithm.

The new year started with a flurry of activities, with invitations for two expositions and most likely more forthcoming. Of course this had to happen when I’m on the other side of the ocean (in the Caribbean’s) and the expositions are respectively in Athens and Lavagna (Italy). It’s a hell of a job to get the logistics arranged.

The exposition in Athens concerns itself with Life after Dark and I’m participating in this group expo with my series Art in the Dark, while the exposition in Lavagna is themed Transhumanism and I’m invited to participate with some of my works from my series Cybernetic Musings.

The good thing about these invitations is that it somehow ignited again my creative drive and I decided to take part in the Ruth Borchard self portrait competition in the UK with the canvas that features on top of this post. It’s a self portrait painted upon the background of the universe and is called “Obsession”. Some art lovers among you will for sure recognize the influence of Caravaggio’s Medusa in the stylistic composition of this canvas.

I have little hope of standing a chance to win this competition against the many talented artists that participate in this yearly challenge, but rather aim to make it to the shortlist.

2 thoughts on “A blogging start in the new year.

    1. Caravaggio is most famous for his dramatic use of light, an extreme variant of chiaroscuro, using dark shadows to produce strong contrasts between light and dark with an incredible tonal scale. Let’s hope that the jury of the Ruth Brochard price appreciate my derivate of his style as much as you do.


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