Human beings communicate by stories, and movies can speakT to the emotions of the audience and connect with each viewer on different levels. Much like a good painting or photograph, a movie can mean something different to each viewer.

Cinema is the art form that encompasses the best qualities of nearly every other art form working in a melting pot of symbolism, meaning, philosophy, and storytelling.

Art cinema is often defined as an artistic or experimental work expressing symbolic meaning through the medium of film. It is ambiguous, aesthetically rich, complex, and sadly it’s often defined as commercially unfit for the mass audience.

This canvas wants to focus on the mostly invisible participants of the cinema: the Watchers in the Dark.

The Watchers are silent as they consider the possible outcomes of their inactions. Theirs is not a linear continuum. Time is a mosaic, two-dimensional and beautiful, offered by the images that unfold before their eyes, however studied, to interpret as a complete image. Each detail needed to be viewed in isolation and judged on its own merits. They are creatures of potential, and though the future before them grows dark, there are paths that a keen eye might discern.

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