This canvas (W 30′ x H 36′) is the 7th installation in my collection Cybernetic Musings.

As shown in other canvasses in this series, I have mixed feelings about recent developments in the new information technology and the developing cyberspace that vacillate between optimism and pessimism.

However, the dominant emotion is one of expectation tempered by an innate knowledge of human nature. The Chinese invented the gun powder, the compass, and the printing press. There is no doubt that they have been tools that lifted human civilization to a higher level, but have also been tools to kill, conquer, and indoctrinate.

Millennials have been born into a society that was already in an accelerating digitalization process that reaches even the most remote parts of the world. They are also the generation with the biggest hopes and the deepest distrust into the new information technology. They have mixed expectations that hover between an interconnected world where man and machine work for the benefit of all and a matrix dystopia.

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