In short: a cryptomathician is someone who tries to incorporate the dynamic social processes of civilization into the mathematical models that have been developed by contemporary scientists.

Many people think it’s a far of their bed show but forget that they subconsciously use those models when they’re; managing their money; shopping for the best price; preparing food; figuring out distance, time, and cost for travel; understanding loans for cars, trucks, homes, schooling or other purposes; understanding sports (being a player and team statistics); manage their AMC stock; playing music; appreciate art;  to become eligible for a stimulus check….

Cryptomathics is a method to access a new way of thinking, which can enrich our lives and empower us to better understand the world and our place in it. It is an invitation to discover the hidden magic universe of mathematics.

People who get curious about the subject and google it, will most likely stumble upon a website of a company that develops cryptographic codes that are meant for securing online transactions or confidential messages. Their goal is to encode information while a cryptomathician tries to decode information.

 When you look about cryptomathics in relation to art, you will most likely fall upon a page that explains artists all about the use of NFT’s to sell their work online. That too isn’t what a cryptomathician is about, albeit I may give it a second look in the future a as a source of income. For now, I’m happy as it goes.

There is a lot of clearing up to do when you define yourself as a polyvalent cryptomathician. I might come back to this issue in a next post.

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