Let’s start with the hard part of this post; if your only motivation to become rich and famous is to be able to do whatever you want and never have to be stressed again, you’ll have to adjust. Rich and famous people are generally more stressed than the average person.

What you’re dealing with every day mentally, physically, and emotionally is minor compared to what the Selena Lopez and Bill Gates of this world have to endure on a daily base. Those people can do whatever they want and they will still be filthy rich and world famous. But their reputation is everything in this world. They are their name, and their name stands for what they’ve done and who they are.

Those with a large amount of money and power usually have some sort of business or network they run. One little mistake could cause a 50% decrease in sales, engagement, and cause some of the top employees to stop caring or even quit. When you’re working for someone else your income is solid and most often unchanged depending on the sales and performance of the company. As the company owner, your income per month is constantly up and down because of how well your company is doing, and different expenses. Plenty of business owners are in business for many years before seeing a bit of profit; ask Elon Musk.

The stress and anxiety they are experiencing is 10 times of what what you are experiencing. Luckily they are the people who are able to handle it. Next time you find yourself saying “I want to be rich” or “I want to be world famous”. Remember the question really should be “Do I have what it takes to handle the weight these people have on them?”.

These people were built to handle large amounts of stress. It fuels their fire and allows them to keep going. People with a lot of money to their name really find large amounts of stress when they don’t have enough work to do. That’s the nature of becoming one of these people. You stress when you have too much to do, but they stress when they have too little to do.

If you value your privacy, becoming famous and even rich may not be for you. Really famous people can not go to their favorite pub or grocery store without a paparazzi line forming outside. It can be extremely debilitating and detrimental to one’s life. There’s also stalkers and people monitoring your every move. Your kids and family could be in danger.

Fame can really make or break you. Obviously, with enough money to afford any amount of cocaine, weed, heroin, there is almost nothing keeping you from becoming an addict. Some celebrities feel that drugs are their only option to numb their pain. The temptation is insane.

Of course, there are also incredible benefits to having a lot of money, power, and fame. This post ‘s aim is to make it easier to understand why fame & fortune is not easy to manage. Most people can’t handle it. Think about the numerous lotery winners who ended up worse then before after they cashed in their prize and wasted it all. And the few who didn’ t have usually strained relations with family and friends who expect a generous hand out every now and then.

The celebrities, businessman, and entertainers who appear to have it all are not exempt from everyday issues and problems that we too experience. There are many difficulties that fame & fortune can bring. There are some people with fame & fortune that wish they didn’t have it anymore.

2 thoughts on “So you want to be Rich and Famous. Seriously?

    1. Dreams of fame and riches very often boil down to megalomania. In general one can assume that most people rise up the sociological ladder till they reach the so called “level of incompetence” (as defined by the “Peter Principle”).

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