The Hatching (acrylic on canvas 36′ x 24′) relates to the Alchemy of Chaos. It is an image that reflects the experience of the birth of new insights. It is a painting that will challenge you, move you, and ignite you.
It is what you are searching for and what you’re running from, all in one. It is an unconventional conversation, alive with the tension of possibility. It relates to an ancient pursuit that is part scientific, part spiritual, and part magical, that is applied to transform something of little value into something of great value.
Chaos was originally identified as a vast, nonlinear space in which all possibility lies…the origin of everything. It denotes the necessity of everything being put into disorder to allow what’s next to arise. Alchemy of Chaos is a pursuit to grasp more fully what is required to face reality, embrace radical change, and understand that what is here for you now is a set of ingredients that, if acknowledged and utilized, will allow you to create the metaphorical gold.
Tapping into the Alchemy of Chaos familiarizes you with a tool belt fit for leading through uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous seasons. This painting is designed to help see unseen paths, to imagine unimagined possibilities, to know unknown truths, to feel unfelt understandings. It invites a more grounded and self-aware way to be and to lead, beginning with coming to know who you are choosing to be now. This space is about experimenting with the possibility of eliminating traditional strategic techniques to cultivate immense courage and immense vision.
The invitation for you is to become an alchemist. Step into the possibility that awaits you beyond strategy, beyond the mental monkey mind, beyond forecasts, and beyond what is “known”.
Understand that alchemy is what happens during the process and is not found into the outcome. Everything is constantly into a state of flux of transformation taking place

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