I became aware that I was hitting the 7 days deadline for posting and was desperately looking for inspiration for a new post. I even started to wonder why in heaven’s name I ever started this time-consuming blog, till I got back to my first posts.

This blog started out as a writer’s blog when I finished the first part of my pentalogy “The Maharajagar”, and was obviously meant to spread the word about my writing activity.

I did such a massive amount of research for this series and had so often to refer to notes I made in a life-long reading diary, that I started to reorganize the latter into a non-fiction book called “The All is an Egg”. This essay has been largely inspired by the works of Salvatore Dali, an artist who was much ahead of his time. From there an artistic vision coagulated that was already latent in my novel and that I defined as mystic cyclical synthetism.

Since I found inspiration in Frank Zappa’s Project/Object method to structure my artistic activities, I started to ponder how I could give my vision a musical dimension. It led to the composition of a symphonic rock album that is called “A Cosmology of Civilization”. It is an opera that compares the cyclic nature of civilization to that of our solar system.

Mystic cyclical synthetism coached me outside my literary cocoon to experiment with other artistic media. I started to design my own covers and before I new it I was launched into a series of paintings that are placing the phenomenon civilization in an alchemist perspective by connecting it to the elements water, fire, earth, and wind.

Then more painting was needed to illustrate the different movements of the opera, and so I ended up with a 90-minute video that is basically a multi-media representation of my vision upon the phenomenon civilization.

Where my music and paintings bring mostly forward the cyclic nature of human civilization, the literary facet of my art accentuates the multicultural aspect of civilization. This project will probably keep me occupied for several years more to come, especially that right now I’ve to pick up the thread of my literary project where I have dropped it. The series are conceived as a pentalogy and only three parts are finished.

It is probably an understatement when I consider that since the start of this blog I have evolved as an artist. Sometimes I moan about the time it takes to maintain an internet presence, but it is safe to consider that without this interaction, I would not have made such a progress in such relatively short time.

The only draw back of all this is that most blogs are centered around very narrowly defined subjects. The artistical approach that I choose to follow does not seem to fit into the “niche” concept that underlays the marketing structure of most websites (so that they can also serve for publicity purposes). Publicity is of course the biggest source of income for most websites and a blog without a clear signature tends to get lost into the information maelstrom.

Not to mention that it is about an evolving subject. Maybe, one day, an evolving niche will find it?

4 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Time feels more like sand to me; the harder I squeeze it, the faster it runs through my fingers. Always glad to see you showing up Hedy, although lately I’m not a very interactive blogger.


  2. The complexity is an unwanted side effect of my wish to keep everything in a coherent frame. Last week I had a contact with a Polish artist, Oskar Krajewski, who had a big exposition in London last year, called “Mars and Beyond”, who’s work resonates with mine. He’s just using a little different angle to approach the same subject. Glad you’ve liked my work and thanks for coming by.


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