Again I had a week where I had to restrain myself not to snap at people on Facebook, posting stuff like: “What about could I write a book?” or the 20 years old college student that wants to write an autobiography that would mainly center around some grievances she perceived during her freshman’s year. Or questions like ” Why is no one buying my book?” and “let’s boost our pages by mutually liking each other”, “I will review your book when you review mine”, drivel… not to mention the one that, out of the blue, actually asked for a review copy of my book and then disappeared over the virtual horizon.

Some people will probably find me an elitist for my views upon Facebook and Instagram, and just remark that no one will stop me from leaving these platforms. To me that equals to the saying “if you don’t like airplanes, you can always walk”.

Out of the population of somewhere about 8 billion people in this world, 2.2 billion were active on Facebook in 2019, making it an unbelievable fraction with access to the internet. On averagepeople from across the planet spend 58 minutes per day on Facebook.

The average US adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook. 16-24-year-olds spend a median of 3 hours a day on social media. Internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking in 2019.

That’s the reason why all artists who want to inform the public in general about their work, are condemned to use those platforms. For my literary activity I favor Facebook while I show my latest visual work on Instagram.

No being there is not to exist in the virtual world. And to be fair, not all of it is drivel. There are groups where interesting ideas and works are posted. It’s just so difficult to resist the groups with the biggest follower-ship and to concentrate on the few that have interesting contend.

In the end, I didn’t pull out of these platforms with a huge amount of members. I just don’t read their posts anymore and only respond to those who react on my postings. I only engage with forums that offer interesting contend and comments. They’re the ones that stimulate my own artistic and creative drive.

Anyone having similar feelings?

10 thoughts on “Can you really have a virtual presence without Facebook and Instagram?

  1. My social media activity – limited as it may be – has evolved to just that. I only interact with those that spark my interest. I don’t make much effort to “break into” the mainstream/popular channels and forums. I have found that I am more content being that way. My little blog posts are linked on FB and my Discord channel that consists of about 12 members. It works for me.
    Like you, I still keep an eye on the mainstream and popular, but I rarely contribute anymore.

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    1. I agree with you: having an enormous follower-ship isn’t any measure for the quality of the contend of a page. In general, I usually perceive a decline once the number of followers exceed the five numbers. Quality newspapers also don’t try to “break in” the reading public of tabloids, while they keep an eye on what moves the readers of the latter.

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  2. I deleted FB once they notified me that Cambridge Analytic went through my page and followers…I still post mobiles on IG…I don’t know….but I do also follow those who write and dig a deep well like you Urban…be well have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🙂🙃 have fun!

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  3. It’s mostly that constant repetition of the same stupid questions that irritaltes me. Or people who don ‘t google a question before posting. In the beginning I tersely commented “google it”, right now I stopped reading them. WP is a great forum where you can actually pick up something useful, but doesn’ t have the reach of those two mollochs.

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