We have a kaki tree growing on our patio, and for the last month the dropping fruits and leaves account for the lion share of my household shores. Every three days or so, I’m getting our little stepladder out of our bodega and trim the ripe ones within my reach, but since I’m not an acrobat, those who’re growing on the top of the tree remain out my clipping range. And drop by preference on me when I’m relaxing a little before dinner.

It’s a NeverEnding Story, and for those among you who’re familiar with my tendency to make analogies between ordinary facts in daily life and my artistic activity, will not be astonished that this daily kaki bombardment is leading me to contemplate about my more common activities; writing, painting and composing music.

Somewhat a year ago, I adopted Frank Zappa’s approach of art: he called it Object/Project. He said about it;

Project/Object is a term I have used to describe the overall concept of my work in various mediums. Each project (in whatever realm), or interview connected to it, is part of a larger object, for which there is no ‘technical name.’

Think of the connecting material in the Project/Object this way: A novelist invents a character. If the character is a good one, he takes on a life of his own. Why should he get to go to only one party? He could pop up anytime in a future novel.

Or: Rembrandt got his ‘look’ by mixing just a little brown into every other color — he didn’t do ‘red’ unless it had brown in it. The brown itself wasn’t especially fascinating, but the result of its obsessive inclusion was that ‘look.’

In the case of the Project/Object, you may find a little poodle over here, a little blow job over there, etc., etc. I am not obsessed by poodles or blow jobs, however; these words (and others of equal insignificance), along with pictorial images and melodic themes, recur throughout the albums, interviews, films, videos (and this book) for no other reason than to unify the ‘collection.'”

 I my case, this leads me to tinker eternally on my so called “finished” projects.  Just like Zappa, I have recurring themes into my artwork and like to synchronize those with my latest insights. Especially the nonfiction part of my writing is causing me to constantly updating the more “inspirational” facets of my art. Not to mention that nonfiction is well … nonfiction, and as such, needs constant updating.

“The NeverEnding Story”, concludes with the narration that its main protagonist had many more wishes and adventures, “but that’s another story”.

One third of a kaki tree (fruits and leaves) still to go this year.

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