Although I’m almost religious about posting once a week some post of about 500 words on my blog, lately I’ve been so busy that I willfully neglected this self-imposed deadline.
What happened? Covid 19.
Suddenly I had so much time to write I didn’t have no time to do anything more. Weird.
As a novelist of historical fantasy, I’ve have always been a sucker for research procrastination, just to realize that over the many, many years I’ve accumulated so much innuendo that I would never be able to work it into my novels.
One of my other obsessions is a life-long ambition is to think-the-world-together.
From one thing came another, and after I visited last year the Dali-museum in Figueres, an idea started to crystallize into my peanut. I would use Dali’s obsession with the egg as a point of focus to turn all my redundant research into a new synthesis of science, art and religion.
This needed of course more research, but somehow less then I estimated. So I started to write and reformat and finally, after a couple of weeks of sweating, came up with; THE ALL IS AN EGG.
It’s a nonfiction book that tries to offer a new synthesis upon the fragmentized human knowledge and skills.
The logarithmic growth of our knowledge has stimulated people to specialize in one particular field, thus causing a further growth of knowledge and compartmentalization. The current system encourages people to know everything about one thing and almost nothing about the rest. The so called ivory tower mentality among scientists is one manifestation of this attitude or, on a more mundane level, the refusal of a cameraman on a film set to replace the empty batteries of his camera because union rules prescribe that this job has to be done by an electrician. Both examples indicate the power of a socially induced conditioning against knowing or doing something that lies beyond one’s very narrowly defined field of competence.
This essay, far from being of an encyclopedic nature, goes back to the foundations of the three main facets of human abstract thinking: science, art and religion. Evolutions and new insights have emerged in all three of them. This essay wants to bring forward the core aspects that link them together and emphasize that those are stronger than the bifurcation points where they seem to clash. Let’s not forget that Einstein has spent half of his life to contest the quantum theory because it apparently clashed with some theorems of his Relativity Theory. It took scientists almost a century to come up with a Grand Unifying Theory that reconciled both. It is my personal hope that this essay could lay out the basics for a new synthesis from where a new paradigm could take hold; a contemporary Philosopher’s Egg.
In alchemy the egg stands for the chaos apprehended by the artifex, the prima materia containing the captive world-soul. Out of the egg — symbolized by the round cooking vessel — will rise the eagle or phoenix, the liberated soul, which is ultimately identical with the Anthropos who was imprisoned in the embrace of Physis.

A Kindle version is available on Amazon for the lump sum of $ 9.99 on this link ( it can be borrowed for free by those who have a Kindle Unlimited account) and a print version is available on Barnes and Noble for $ 19.99 on this link

cover egg barnes and noble

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