For those still looking for a 2020 reading resolution,

I recommend;

Reading Challenge 2020

A Book A Week with The Booklist Queen

1. Book Becoming Movie in 2020
2. Goodreads Winner in 2019
3. Less Than 200 Pages
4. Published in 1920s
5. By an Author of Color
6. A Love Story
7. History Book
8. Title with Five or More Words
9. 2019 Bestseller
10. Clever Title
11. Short Story or Essay Collection
12. More Than 400 Pages
13. Makes You Laugh
14. Famous Author You’ve Never Read
15. Set in Asia
16. Reread a Childhood Favorite
17. Celebrity Memoir
18. New York Times #1 Bestseller
19. Based on a True Story
20. Genre You Don’t Usually Read
21. About a War
22. Bottom of Your To-Read List
23. A Beach Read
24. A Book Everyone Is Talking About
25. Recommended by a Family Member
26. From the 50 States Reading List
27. About a Controversial Topic
28. By an Indie Author
29. A Book About Sports
30. A Play
31. An Audiobook
32. The Next Book in a Series
33. Nonfiction Topic You Love
34. Middle Grade Fiction
35. Recommended by a Local Librarian
36. Debut Novel
37. A Book That Will Make You Smarter
38. A Modern Classic
39. A Book You Haven’t Read by an Author You Love
40. With a Color in the Title
41. Translated from Another Language
42. With a Hideous Cover
43. A Mystery
44. A Book About Politics
45. By a Local Author
46. With Two Authors
47. You Own But Haven’t Read
48. Reread a Favorite Book
49. 2020 New Release
50. A Book You Saw Someone Reading
51. Borrowed From a Friend
52. A Self-Improvement Book

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