art and religion

Some people who exercise an artistically activity without being able to extract a living out of it, are often in doubt if they can call themselves an artist. Sometimes they’re even sneered at by friends or family members for investing so much time in their “hobby”.
Now consider the case of people who’re carrying out religious pastoral duties without being professional clergy. Would it ever occur to someone to call their voluntary service a “hobby” and scoff at them for all the time and efforts they invest into this activity?
The dictionary definition of a hobby is: “A pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.” (Merriam-Webster). For most hobbyists it refers to an activity where the “doing” is more important than the “finishing”.
While the process of pursuing a creative activity can be relaxing and peaceful while being in the creative flow, being an artist can be a source of stress. Roadblocks to creativity can impact the artists’ mental, physical and emotional well-being, as well as their relationships with others.
A creative activity is something that an artistically personality feels compelled to do. Just as a religious person who feels a vocational call to invest his free time in carrying out his convictions and to assist others who encountered more difficult times.
Both categories strive to get better, to challenge themselves and to grow. For a properly integrated person there can be no hobbies; only other dimensions of the person.

3 thoughts on “Similarities between Art and Religion

  1. A wonderfully articulated and truthful post. You expose the flaw in the arguments who try to belittle those of artistic desires and creativity who are reaching out to be more than they are and to perfect their art.


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