The psycho-historical character of Venice

This canvas (mixed technics on canvas 90 x 90 cm) is a derivate from the psycho-historical map of Venice. The kaleidoscopic perspective allowed me to distillate from the map the intrinsic characteristics of its psycho-historical vibes. Every city has a unique psycho-historical character that reflects its collective memory, culture, and identity. Its architecture, landmarks, streets, … Continue reading The psycho-historical character of Venice

Venice: A Psycho-Historical Map

The artwork “Venice: A psycho-historical Map" (mixed technics on canvas 90 x 90 cm) invites people not to obey existing opinions and common stories about Venice, but to slip away and with confidence listen to their own feelings and play with the city’s atmospheres. It’s concept is based upon the premise that cities have psycho-historical … Continue reading Venice: A Psycho-Historical Map

Islands and Literature.

I’ve relocated recently from Barcelona to Utila, a little rock in the Caribbean with 6,000 habitants. It’s a writer’s paradise since islands have always occupied a powerful place and have been a source of fascination in the literary imagination. From the discovery of the Americas to the period of decolonization, European writers and artists translating … Continue reading Islands and Literature.