What’s on US?

The forces shaping our future are not inevitable in the sense that they are ‘preordained’ or irrefutable. Rather, they are inevitable because: They’re already happening, have been ‘happening’ for more than thirty years, and will keep happening;They are fundamentally driven by the underlying dynamics of technology itself, determined by mathematics and physics. While Kelly in … Continue reading What’s on US?

About Cryptomathematics.

The Newtonian space and time collapsed in 1905 when Albert Einstein, at the age of twenty-six, published four groundbreaking papers: On the Photoelectric Effect; Brownian Motion; The Special Relativity, and The Equivalence of Mass and Energy. The new concept is that all objects are moving vibrations in the space-time continuum. The quantum physician Heisenberg introduced … Continue reading About Cryptomathematics.

Is the Great Green Dragon a powerful metaphysical creature or a secret cabal of people?

Dragons are mythological creatures, both good and evil. Colossal beasts, they are symbols of immense power. Western symbolism emphasizes the negative side of their power and energy; the dragon-foe became synonymous with Satan and has come to symbolize evil. In western literature dragons symbolize intense passion and represent the battle knights must fight against immorality. … Continue reading Is the Great Green Dragon a powerful metaphysical creature or a secret cabal of people?

Science = Art

One of the most primitive innate needs of humans is to understand the world around us, and then share that understanding. Both science and art are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. The subjects and methods have different traditions, and the intended audiences are different, but I think the motivations and … Continue reading Science = Art

The Beginning (The Maharajagar Book: 1)

On June 16, 1914, journalist Alec Bannon and his young wife Millie Bloom, a photographer, meet at the Museum of Natural Science of New York an Inuit called Piugaattoq (also known as Minik Wallace) who's father's bones are on display over there. Minik hires the services of a Chinese tong and a Voodoo priest to … Continue reading The Beginning (The Maharajagar Book: 1)

The Cryptomathematic Psychogram

The Cryptomathematical Psychogram The only mathematical model that worked for the human psyche was of a seven dimensional nature, based upon Geometric Psychology, a concept developed and published by an Australian surveyor named B.W. Betts in 1887. Here  follows a model a two dimensional representation of seven dimensional personality structure; It is established that all relevant personality … Continue reading The Cryptomathematic Psychogram