Social entropy in the USA

Degree of entropy inside the USA following the system theory. 1. Introduction According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the entropy of a naturally occurring system always increases. In social systems, the degree of disorder is a manifestation of the social dissatisfaction within the limits of the system 2. Formulating the Relationship to Calculate Social … Continue reading Social entropy in the USA

The Seven Dimensions of Culture.

Seven is a returning number in the synthetic theory of the universe, humankind and religion. In analogy with the 7 dimensional structure of the reality and of the human psyche, there exists a model that proposes a set of 7 different axis along which cultures differentiate one from another. Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner concluded that what … Continue reading The Seven Dimensions of Culture.

Culture and religion in my writing

  Those familiar with my writing have probably remarked that the main protagonists in my novel stem from very different racial and cultural backgrounds and, by consequence, adhere to very different ways of approaching the daily life. Alec Bannon is an Irish Catholic who’s married to Millie Bloom, who’s on the lookout for her Jewish … Continue reading Culture and religion in my writing

The Long Now in my writing.

The only way to reach a harmonious existence is by making a piece of art from our whole life. People are looking more and more to improve the quality of their personal life and increase self-regulation on every domain. Instigating confusion became too easy and is unnecessary but clarifying is difficult and necessary. The real … Continue reading The Long Now in my writing.