Reflections. Mixed technics on canvas 45 x 45 cm by Shaharee Vyaas (2023)

This canvas is a further elaboration upon an earlier work that is called The Zone. While The Zone was a rather formal investigation into color and line, this work gives a more impressionistic interpretation of the point where conscious and subconscious thinking processes confluence.It is a collection of free associations upon the metaphoric, tectonic representation … Continue reading Reflections. Mixed technics on canvas 45 x 45 cm by Shaharee Vyaas (2023)

Venice: A Psycho-Historical Map

The artwork “Venice: A psycho-historical Map" (mixed technics on canvas 90 x 90 cm) invites people not to obey existing opinions and common stories about Venice, but to slip away and with confidence listen to their own feelings and play with the city’s atmospheres. It’s concept is based upon the premise that cities have psycho-historical … Continue reading Venice: A Psycho-Historical Map

The Hare, the Fox, and the Human.

The hare, the fox, and the human are all part of an intertwined yet paradoxical cycle of connectedness. Fox and hare, human and balance, enlightenment and infinity, sunyata and sea—all flow together in the never-ending adventure that is life. Love, death, nature, and the planets weave a journey of transcendence, synchronicity, and depths to offer … Continue reading The Hare, the Fox, and the Human.

Civilization and Cosmos. Part 2: Mercury

In this post I want you to bring part 2 of my latest project (for those who missed out on part 1, more info at the bottom of this post). If you want to hear the audio, just click on the image (duration 130 sec). Mercury. Mixed technics on canvas 45 x 45 cm by … Continue reading Civilization and Cosmos. Part 2: Mercury


Between the 4th and the 6th of November 2022 I attended a conference called Waving, organized by the department of intermedia art of the Art Academy in Krakow. I wrote and designed this small contribution to explore the theme of the conference as a call for action. Waving as a verb relates to a new … Continue reading Waving


This painting has the tension field between individuality and cultural assimilation for subject. While it´s a generally accepted fact that progress of civilization is a process of assimilation, one must conclude that inevitably there is going to exist a tension field between progress and multiculturalism.The best example that comes to mind to illustrate this comes … Continue reading Assimilation.

The Complexity of Simplicity

“Being simple is the most complicated thing nowadays.” -Ramana Pemmaraju The principle of simplicity or parsimony—broadly, is the idea that simpler explanations of observations should be preferred to more complex ones—is conventionally attributed to William of Occam, after whom it is traditionally referred to as Occam's razor. This does not mean that there will be … Continue reading The Complexity of Simplicity

About Cryptomathematics.

The Newtonian space and time collapsed in 1905 when Albert Einstein, at the age of twenty-six, published four groundbreaking papers: On the Photoelectric Effect; Brownian Motion; The Special Relativity, and The Equivalence of Mass and Energy. The new concept is that all objects are moving vibrations in the space-time continuum. The quantum physician Heisenberg introduced … Continue reading About Cryptomathematics.