The Synthetic Theory of the Universe,Humankind and Religion

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I’m looking for proofreaders for a small cosmology (138 p.) I wrote. I brought together the thinking of the most important modern scientists and philosophers, mixed with my own personal observations and remarks. The first part describes the cosmos genesis; what we know about it and what areas are at the moment unclear but actively researched. The second part describes the biosphere, new insights in the evolution of life, its relation with human history and the human brain. The third part introduces a new approach to the reservoir of human knowledge, called the Noosphere. The subjects are intelligence and self-consciousness, literary criticism, the emerging of a new human phenotype, an anatomy of war and the rising degree of entropy in the USA. The fourth part describes the contemporary paradigms that religion encounters. It is also a mix of thoughts about religion, creativity and personal truth- and sense finding. Although this essay has the total amount of the human knowledge for subject, it’s by no means of an encyclopedic nature but wants to mark the shift from the Newtonian methodology to system analysis in the twentieth century and the opportunity it offers to create again a unified frame for the ensemble of scientific, artistic and religious thinking.

You can download a free PDF format by clicking on the following link;

The_Synthetic_Theory of Science, Humankind and Religion

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